About Us

Ans-ein is a fashion brand offering products based on art. Ans-ein was founded in Singapore in early February 2017 by two mumpreneurs, Anseina (Ans) and Erlyn (Ein), who have different backgrounds but complement each other: Ans is an architect and wedding dress designer, while Ein has been in retail business, event and media. Both of us love art and have a desire to appreciate art in many forms; thus inspiring us to establish Ans-ein: a wearable art. 

All Ans-ein patterns come from the inspirational brushes of our passionate artists. They encompass the strong, confident strokes of adults up to the cute playful sweep of kids. Not only beautiful patterns, we also design models that suit many people in any kind of body shape, and can be worn multiway style. 


Ans-ein loves to encourage people to create art, because we believe that "Everybody is an artist". Through Create Ans-ein, we help you turn your masterpiece into your own signature dress, which is unique and very personal. 


In this last year, Ans-ein has conducted art workshops where children, even babies, can create their first art using their footprints and handprints, and have them turned into dresses for the parents and children. This project was inspired by baby Ans' 1st birthday, where Ans and her baby, Ally, created footprints art. It was a truly memorable moment, to realize that our babies grow up too fast and those smallest feet make the biggest footprint in our heart. Thus, we hope we can share this project with all of you too. 

Through Ans-ein, we hope to grow the love of art and desire to do art in all of us, even from very young age.



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