Our Story

ANS.EIN is a fashion brand that merges art and fashion, offering products infused with artistic inspiration. Our patterns are created by passionate artists, capturing the bold and confident brushstrokes of adults, as well as the playful and whimsical sweeps of children. With each design, we aim to showcase the beauty of artistry.

In addition to our captivating patterns, we prioritize inclusivity by designing models that cater to all body shapes. Our garments can be worn in multiple ways, allowing our customers to express their personal style.

At ANS.EIN, we embrace the rich tradition of batik fabric, a wearable art form originating from Southeast Asia. By incorporating batik into modern fashion, we strive to preserve and promote this cultural heritage to a global audience.

We are committed to ethical and sustainable production. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that art is enjoyed in various forms and to provide unwavering support to artists in creating their own wearable art pieces. We strongly believe in the power of art to inspire, uplift, and enrich people's lives.

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